Free Download iOSEmus Latest version for iOS, Android and PC 2019

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This is an excellent app to download apps to your iOS devices. If you are tired of Cydia, this is the application you want to try. This is an excellent alternative for Cydia. There are so many alternatives for Cydia, But this is the best one in the market at the moment.  It has an attractive interface. You can now easily access your favorite apps and games from this. The great thing is, it doesn’t require to use your Apple ID!. Please read the full article to know how to install and launch this excellent application in your Apple device.

How does iOSEmus work?

Simply it is a web app store that you can use for iOS devices. Sometimes we all secretly wish that iPhone could be jailbreak right? Now with this app, you don’t have to jailbreak. You can use your favorite applications without jailbreaking. You no need to do changes to your phone. You can run any game, application, simulator, etc. with iOSEmus.

Features of iOSEmus

  • No need of jailbreaking, for apps that required. You can use this application and run any app on your iOS device.
  • You can play the game you always wanted to on your Apple device now. Finding on iOSEmus is effortless. Just follow the green line on the app icon, in iOSEmus. It shows which application you can download.
  • Yeas, now you can easily find which application to use without jailbreaking.
  • It has cool themes. You can map them on your device and feel good.
  • The screen size is not a problem. Can be used in any iTab, iPhone, iMac, etc.

How to install iOSEmus on iPad

Following the installation guide can be used for any iOS device.

  • Use your Safari Browser to visit
  • Next click on the “install icon.”
  • After clicking it, the setting menu will be opened.
  • Sometimes you have to enter your password for account verification
  • Now click “install “again.
  • Next click “done.”

Congratulation! You have successfully installed the app on your device. An icon will appear on the home screen.

iOSEmus apk

This also can be used as an alternative for Cydia. Easy to download and install on any android device. No need of an “Apple Id.” No problem with jailbreak. Safe to use on Android and iOS. So many features than Cydia and more stable than it. All the apps and games you have in Cydia can be played in this apk. It is safe to use.

Download iOSEmus apk

  • The download process is easy, and you need a stable internet connection and a mobile device. Visit their official website
  • Go to the next page and select the logo.
  • Next, it will direct you to the setting page. In here you have to configure your settings. Sometimes it will require you to enter your apple credentials.
  • Click on the option done. Now you can access it via your home page icon.

How to install iOSEmus on iOS 11

This can be used in iOS 11. The official web site provides all the download information. After installing it, you can have all the access to apps which are not available in the App store. Works on both jailbreak devices and non-jailbreak devices. It doesn’t matter if your device is jailbreak or not. All the updates are done automatically. It gets constant, reliable updates. Thanks to the development community, all the errors are fixed immediately. If you have any questions about the app downloading or installation process, you can contact developers via their official website.

Following are the steps you have to follow to download and install the app

  • First, open your safari browser from iOS device
  • Next with the from your browser
  • Go to the navigation menu on the home page and click download
  • In the download page, click on iOSEmus configuration profile.
  • In the next page, you have to choose a logo from the given 2 logos
  • Next click on the install
  • Now you have to enter your username and the password.
  • A popup window will appear with the install button
  • Click on Done.
  • Finally, after the installation, you can view the icon on your mobile device’s home screen.

How to use iOSEmus Pokémon go

Recently Pokémon Go Game become the hottest game in the industry. From iOSEmus, you can download iOSEmus Tweaked Pokémon Go. There are a lot of cool hacks you can use with this Pokémon version.

  • You can easily bypass jailbreak checks. So can be played without any interruption.
  • You can easily set fake locations. And, have fun with other players messing with them.
  • You can now hide your jailbreak status. So you would not get banned.
  • You can have unlimited poke balls. Isn’t it your dream to have ultimate poke balls to fight?
  • No need of moving in the real world. Just sit down and play the game.

These all cool features can be experienced in IOSEmus Pokémon version. It is an upgraded version of the real game app with more cool features. Still, you have to be careful with using this, Because your account can be restricted. And, you don’t want to miss all the cool activities in the real game.


Use of iOSEmus could bring advanced features into your fingertips. It provides so many chances to experience the newest and coolest applications and games without jailbreaking your Apple device. You have to visit their official website to download the app. The developers of the excellent application (AiiR), always willing to solve your problems. They have tested this on the latest iOS versions. You can follow the downloading process mentioned above, to download it on your devices. The developers have given full assurance that it is safe to use.

They have tested all the possible security breaches could happen. Hence you can use this application without any fear. It is an excellent alternative for Cydia. If you are a fan of Cydia, you would love this. If you are a big fan of Pokémon Go try the iOSEmus version and have fun with friends.