iOSEmus Pokemon – Tweak version of the favorite Pokemon Go Game

iOSEmus Pokemon – Tweak version of the favorite Pokemon Go Game

Everyone knows that when it comes to downloading the third party application which is not available on the iTunes store, you have to go through the lengthy process to make your iPhone compatible to download and install the app. The third party application installation is not allowed on the iPhones. You have first to jailbreak to get the access of your iPhone root folder then only you can get into the root folder to install any third party application. You need the permission of the ios software to run the application on IOS device.


about iosemus pokemon

The iOSEmus is a web application specially created for the IOS devices. It allows the iOS users to install the third party application directly on the device without any problem. In the default mode, the iOS users can install any application which is not listed or approved by the Apple INC. The iOSEmus pokemon gives the opportunity to the users to run the app on their device without any trouble.

By using the iosemus pokemon application, you can install any app without requiring a jailbreak. You can install various kinds of application, run games and emulators without touching the core software of the IOS devices.

iOSEmus Features:

Here are some of the best features that you can enjoy after downloading the iOSEmus.

1) The application provides easy access to the root folder of the device where your new application will reside. To install any app which is not listed on the iTunes store you need to get the root access. In the traditional way, the jailbreak is the only way you can open the root folder and allow a third-party application to enter their code on the phone. The rooting the iOS device is a challenging task. You have to go through the lengthy process and technical difficulty to get the access of the folder. The iOSEmus make the process simple and allows the users to install the application without needing jailbreak.

2) You can now download all the favorite games and application using the iOSEmus application. Now you no longer behind the Android facility. You can also enjoy the same benefit on your iOS devices. The application automatically organizes the application and keeps the operating super easy. The green line indicates in the app icon tells you that about the application that you can install on your iOS device without needing jailbreak.

3) Multiple thems gives you personalize appearance on your operating system. It automatically matches with the default themes and makes the screen looks beautiful.

4) The iOSEmus is easy to install on all the iOS devices. It is compatible with all the screen sizes and previous versions of the iOS devices. You can get the application anywhere in the world and start using it without needing any approval.

5) The application avoids iOS software damage and saves your phone from errors. The application mitigates the software data damage and gives you easy to install an interface to download and run the third-party application on your iOS devices.

iOSEmus Pokemon Go Tweaked Version:

You may be already aware of the global popularity of the Pokemon Go game. The Pokemon Go become one of the most popular Android game developed any gaming industry till date. The only difficulty that people face in the Pokemon go is the person has to move from one place to another to catch the Pokemon.

Just imagine what if you do not need to roam around and still enjoy the game the way you do in the current version. Isn’t it interesting? The Pokemon Go tweaked version is the answer to your problem. By using this new version of the game you no need to go anywhere to catch the pokemon or spend the time to search for the Pokemon. The new game version comes with the built-in GPS spoof which changes your location automatically without you require to reach the actual place.

You will no longer need to reach physically at the location to catch the Pokemon. The only problem that you will face is not the availability of the application for the iOS devices. The iOS devices don’t allow users to put the third party application without jailbreak. You need to go through the long jailbreak process to get the application install. The only solution is to get the iOSEmus app on your device to install a third-party application with ease.

How to use the iOSEmus app to install Pokemon Go Tweak?

Once you decide to install Pokemon go on your iOS device, You need to go through the simple step by step process. Follow the below steps to start installing the iOSEmus pokemon on your device.

1) Download the iOSEmus on your iOS device. You will find several online websites that allow the users to download the application for free.

2) Click the downloaded file to open the application.

3) Click to the download section and enter to the application file.

4) Click on the all apps and EMUs section.

5) Scroll down, and you will see the file name “Tweaked Pokemon Go.”

6) Click on the file and click to install.

7) The download will begin. It will take a few minutes to complete the installation process.

Make the following setting before you start your game. It is important to make these setting on your phone as without this setting the application will not run correctly.

1) Before opening the iOSEmus pokemon app, go to settings.

2) Click on the General.

3) Go to the “Profile and Device management.”

4) Click on “Frengenius Innovation Limited.”  It will open the Pokemon Go option.

5) Select “Frengenius Innovation Limited.” Once you are done with these settings, you are good to go.

6) Now open the Pokemon Go app and enter your date of birth to start playing the game.


The iOSEmus pokemon application will give you many benefits while playing the game. You can earn more point without needing to involve physically and catch more Pokemon. The iOSEmus pokemon application is also useful to avoid jailbreak which is a tedious process and can damage your device. You can now entirely avoid technical rooting processes and get what you want without any trouble. Get you iOSEmus pokemon today and start playing.

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