iOSEmus Vidyo – The best Screen recorder app for iOS device

iOSEmus Vidyo – The best Screen recorder app for iOS device

As you know the Apple devices are very restrictive when it comes to collecting data from the device. The data can be anything, the content, images or even the screenshot of the current device screen. The Apple device will not allow you to get any information which might create a security threat to the user’s data.

However, sometimes you need some sort of application that records your screen for some purpose. In this case, there is no application available on the app store that allows you to get the screenshot and store on your device as a video or the images. You have to rely on the default way of taking a screenshot and use it as your reference.

iOSEmus vidyo screen recording application:

The iOSEmus vidyo is one of the revolutionary application available for the iOS users. The application bridge the gap between the users who require screen recording application for completing certain work. The application is specially developed for the iOS devices. The app was first released on the Apple App store. Later the developer received a notice from the App store that they do not allow the app such as screen recording to be listed on the app store.

Officially the application got rejected due to the terms and condition of the app store, but it did not stop the developer from sharing the application on the free platform so that people can use it for their advantage.

The application is now available as open source App, and anyone in the world can download the application without paying anything for it. The below guide will help you to understand how to install the application on your iOS device. You don’t require your phone to jailbreak. The application can be used without needing root access to install the app. In addition, you do not require your apple id as well to activate the application. It runs freely without needing any additional information from the users or the authentication from the device.

How to Download Vidyo on iOS?

The following steps will help you to install the iOSEmus vidyo app on your Apple device.

To download the Vidyo on your Apple device, you first need to install the iOSEmus application on your device. If you do not have to iOSEmus on your phone, then please download it from the official website and follow the installation instruction given on the website. After you are done with the installation, the next step is getting the Vidyo app on your device.

Steps to follow.

1) Open the iOSEmus application on your device. You will find the icon on the home screen.

2) Tap on the App icon and open it.

3) Type Vidyo in the search bar provided in the application.

4) The search result will find the available application and give you the result with the install link.

5) Click on the Vidyo application showed in the search result.

6) Once you click on the Vidyo application, the popup window will open.

7) Tap Install on the popup window.

8) Now click on the install again to confirm the installation.

9) Now tap done.

You will see the Vidyo application is installed on your Apple device. Now go to your home screen and open the Vidyo application by clicking on the Vidyo app icon.

Click to start the recording on your iOS device. The application will start recording the screen until you stop the process. The recorded video will be saved by default in the video folder. You can access the recorded file by going to the video folder.

How to download other iOSEmus apps?

iOSEmus vidyo features:

The iOSEmus vidyo screen recording application can record your screen activity and save the file in the video format in the video folder. You can use this features for various purpose. Imagin you are playing your favorite game, and you want to record the screen. In such case just open the application and start the recording before you start playing the game. Once the application is activated, it will record all the activity without any trouble. Share the video recording with your friend and let them know how you cross the stuff level of the game.

You can also make how to use guide around the new application and share it with the online users on the Youtube channel. The app will give you the advantage to create your own how to guide video and teach online users about using a certain application. It will fun time to use the screen recording application and enjoy your activities.

Top Features:

– The application allows you to capture video in the 1080 pixels. The HD quality video format will give you the advantage to capture high-quality videos.

– The application is built in a way that any layman can also install the app without needing technical help. The app gives you the ability to run it in a few clicks and start using it instantly.

– Easy to use features will enable you to run the app quickly and start recording your screen.

– The setting allows the users to change the video resolutions as per their requirements. You can go for the higher resolution if you plan to share the video online or with friends. The low resolution is recommended if the video is not recording for sharing on a public platform. The high-resolution video will require more memory to store therefor consider the available storage space before you choose the HD quality recording.

– The automatic update gives you new features as it is released by the developer.


IOSEmus vidyo screen recording application is one of the best iOS application available in the market. The application serves a various purpose and gives you easy to use features. Once you decide to use the application, you will find it interesting. It gives you the power to record your activity and use the recording as a proof of your work. The gamer can use it to showcase their tactical approach used while playing the game and reaching the top of the level by completing the hard steps in the game. Get your own iOSEmus vidyo screen capture application on your device and start using it.

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